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Phase 2 Mid Month Summary

Hi guys, It’s been 2 weeks since 1st evaluation. And this is my Coding Phase-2 Mid Month summary. Summary This part of GSoC I felt was the toughest and interesting. Cause it was all designing which took a mere time but I finally did it ^_^ In coala we have BearBaseClass so as to create new bears and which also is the back-bone of coala-bears... Read more

Phase 1 Month End Summary

Hi Guys!, How you doing? It’s been 4 weeks of CODING PHASE-I and it’s evaluation time. So from 26th 9:30pm, Evaluation links will become active both me and my mentor have to fill a Q & A form ^_^. I will tell you more about it in a while, but first I will be sumarizing my GSoC’2017’s work of last 2 weeks. So, let’s begin!! Summary The deadl... Read more

EuroPython And A Lot More Awesomeness

Hey Guys, Im pleased to tell you that I will be travelling to Italy on 2nd week of July. Im very excited about it as this would be my first foreign trip. There I will attending EuroPython’17 Conference along with my other admins/mentors of coala. This is gonna be a long post so get ready for awesomeness!! What exactly is EuroPython and why am I... Read more

Phase 1 Mid Month Summary

Hey there Guys!, I hope you are doing well. In this blog I will summarizing my GSoC’17 work till now. So it’s been 18 days of Coding Phase-I and I have been moving forward with all I have, to make this project come to life. So Let’s begin! Summary Since, I learnt my lesson well from Bonding Phase :P so I started solving the big issues first. As... Read more

Bonding Period Ends

Hi Guys!! With the end of this month Community Bonding period finally comes to an end, which marks the beginning of Coding Phase-I. In which, students officially now starts coding on their projects. Before even I would start with Coding Phase-I, I thought about summarizing my overall objectives achieved in Community Bonding. Summary I starte... Read more