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Phase 1 Mid Month Summary

Hey there Guys!, I hope you are doing well. In this blog I will summarizing my GSoC’17 work till now. So it’s been 18 days of Coding Phase-I and I have been moving forward with all I have, to make this project come to life. So Let’s begin!


Since, I learnt my lesson well from Bonding Phase :P so I started solving the big issues first. As they takes up a lot of time in review phase. Firstly I began adding additional functionalities to DocumentationComment. DocumentationComment is the core of DocumentationAPI which mainly dissociated the whole documentation into it’s sub-parts (i.e. params,exceptions and return descriptions).

  1. Previous assemble() function was not accounting for a case in which middle and ending markers are same. Eg. marker[1]==marker[2] which is a type of case in python docstring.
    def docstring_find(filename):
        ## This is dummy docstring find function.
        #  @param filename contains filename
        #  @raises FileNotFoundError raises when filename is not found
        #  @return nothing
       return None

    Hence I completed the work over this and a patch is submitted and merged.

  2. DocumentationComment accepts range as an argument we will be shifting it to position. Since TextRange is constructed from TextPosition it’s just a simplification of constructor but important indeed. A patch is currectly in the review phase right now. I guess it will be merged in 2 review iterations or so.

So these were the two major changes which I had done, making about 60% completion of the milestones in my opinion. I guess this time I will be able to achieve 100%. 100% or not my patches should be good in quality thats my inner objective ;)

There’s one more thing, the big patch DocumentationStyleBear finally got accepted. It’s not fully complete at the moment. Requires lot of additional functionalities but that’s the basic functionality which we have longed for.

What’s up ahead?

Next, I have 4 additions lined up for DocumentationExtraction out of which only 2 are solvable at the moment and the rest will be moved ahead to Coding Phase-II. I will be writing more about them in my next blog.

That’s all guys. Till next time See YAA!!

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