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Phase 2 Mid Month Summary

Hi guys, It’s been 2 weeks since 1st evaluation. And this is my Coding Phase-2 Mid Month summary.


This part of GSoC I felt was the toughest and interesting. Cause it was all designing which took a mere time but I finally did it ^_^

  1. In coala we have BearBaseClass so as to create new bears and which also is the back-bone of coala-bears repo. I had to design something similar called DocBaseClass which will take care of extraction, parsing of fixed documentation and diff generation. So it looks like this.
    class DocBaseClass:

    The main objective for this base class to exist is that. The fix_parse_data() member function can be overided by the user according to their needs. A PR is opened and is currently in a review phase.

  2. DocumetationStyleBear is ported to use this new DocBaseClass. The PR is opened and is currently waiting for the upstream merge, after which it will get reviewed.

So these were the two major changes which I had done, making about 70% completion of the milestones in my opinion. I guess this time too I will be able to achieve 100% in time.

What’s up next?

Though my mentors agreed upon to only implement this functionality for this month. But I will be moving to bugs as there’re few in my opinion which definitely needs to be fixed. And then I will be testing this new DocumentationStyleBear over coala-repo.

EuroPython Update!

Ahh It’s been a long amazing week beer, beach, a lot of tasty food and what not :P Im still in rimini, Italy and will write a blog soon after I return back to India summarizing my experience of it ^_^

Till next time! See Yaa!!

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