Saurav Singh damngamerz

An Insight Into coala's Structure

Hi Guys!! Its been a long since my last post. This blog post is intended for all newcomer’s who would like to contribute to coala. So, I will give you an insight into coala’s Structure in a bit detail to actually get you started. An Insight Into coala’s Structure. coala’s code base can be found here at github. It’s directory tree looks like: ... Read more

First Week GSoC'17

Hey people!! This is the end of my first week at GSoC’2017 (Google Summer of Code). The programme kicks off with the start of community bonding. Which is probably the period where students and mentors break the ice between them. So, I will be summarizing what all has been done till now, and what lies on the road ahead. In this blog Im gonna expl... Read more

Accepted YAY!

The day for which I had waited so long has finally come. My project with coala has been accepted. Hooray!!! This probably is my biggest life achievement so far and I’m so happy from inside that there are butterflies fluttering in my stomach :P The project I got accepted is named as Documentation Extraction and Parsing. This project is all abo... Read more

My Project Proposals

It’s been a while since my last blog. So, this blog is all about my goals towards this year’s awesome summer. Let’s directly come to the point. Guys, I’m participating in Google Summer of Code 2017 (GSoC-2017). I will tell you more about my proposals, meanwhile lets get familiar with some pre-requisites. What GSoC is about? The Google Summer o... Read more

The 3 Things I Learned

Hello people, So it’s been a week and as promised, I’m going to tell you about my experience in coala. Which is an open-source community. I will specifically tell you about my journey, and probably everything that happened to me in the first two weeks. What coala is about? coala written with small c, stands for “COde AnaLysis Application”. As ... Read more