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Accepted YAY!

The day for which I had waited so long has finally come. My project with coala has been accepted. Hooray!!! This probably is my biggest life achievement so far and I’m so happy from inside that there are butterflies fluttering in my stomach :P

GSoC Mail

The project I got accepted is named as Documentation Extraction and Parsing. This project is all about developing an analyzing routine at least for python and java that will find all documentation strings in a file, parse them into specific groups and check them against a specified documentation style given by the user.

Right now the period is called Community Bonding, and lasts until 30th of May, after which the actual work starts. This is the time when students and mentors get to know each other and talk about implementing the project. Also play a bit of factorio together :P

It’s going to be hard

Till now I was only working on college projects and came onto open-source projects from last october. wheareas I started with coala in January’s end. This was the hardest time I had spent in the entire course of my engineering and was incredibly fruitful. I feel like this project is going to be a real-challenge, to which I m planning to work hard on.

What’s next?

This month will be a challenge to me as I have my ongoing final exams till 16th of May. Yes, it’s going to be hell hard. But nothing comes easy on your plate, does it?

Thanks! people!

This blog post was intended to thank everyone involved. Special thanks goes to Sanket Dasgupta and other mentors from coala. Also credit is all yours Jasmin Patel for encouraging me in the initial phase :) With the help of these amazing people, I was able to achieve something I never thought I would.

Every weekend from now onwards I will write about my ongoing work. Till my next post See yaa!!

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