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Souvenir of GSoC'2017!

So this it guys. The day I have worked for is finally here. This marks the end of my Google Summer of Code’2017. It’s been an awesome journey of 4 months.


Firstly, Thanks to both of my mentors SanketDG & NiklasMM. Thanks for everything! It’s been an awesome journey for me, I couldn’t have asked for better mentors than you guys. Secondly, Thanks to Org. admins and other mentors of coala.

Thank you guys, for not losing hope on me when I nearly failed my PHASE-2 milestone. Somewhere this was the sole reason which drived me to recover my work and complete my final milestone in time :)

Finally, Thanks Google! for such a wonderful programme.

How this all begin?

I came across coala while surfing on the internet. Though those were the initial days where I wanted to learn only python, but my ideology is if you want to learn something then do a project on it ;)
The welcoming nature of the community thrived me to contribute towards this wonderful project. I continued to contribute in coala and in 2 weeks I was promoted to core-developer. This was the first ever experience of me contributing to an opensource community. Later I continued to contribute more and more. Although I already knew about Google Summer of Code but I wasn’t sure if I’m surely gonna try a shot. Until I started talking with some of the mentors of coala. First was NiklasMM, the project Handle Nested Programming language was sounding interesting. Meanwhile I was doing an issue with SanketDG. I came to know that he was an Ex-GSoCer at coala. So I started investigating with him about the process, reading his blogs, investing about how did he started….etc. At the end I got more interested towards Documentation Extraction and Parsing. We scheduled a skype call where he answered some of my doubts one on one.

And the rest, It all just happened ;)

What I have achieved with this project?

Coming back to my project Documentation Extraction and Parsing, The final goal was to develop an analyzing routine at least for python and java that will find all documentation strings in a file, parse them into specific groups and check them against a specified documentation style given by the user. The functionality can be extended so that the analyzing routine provides a patch that re-formats the documentation correctly, checks for grammatical errors (like spell checking).

Specifics of DocStyleBear
DocStyleBear supports following style:



Specifics of DocGrammarBear
DocGrammarBear should atleast be able to lint basic spell checking over: Main descriptions and Comments descriptions. For example: If we have a malformed docstring.

def some_func(param1, param2):
    This is thet main descrpton.

    :param param1:
        This is param1 description.
    :param param2
        Thiss is param2 descripton.

This has incorrect spelling mistakes. The DocGrammarBear should be able to correct it.

def some_func(param1, param2):
    This is the main description.

    :param param1:
        This is param1 description.
    :param param2
        This is param2 description.

Now, if I see the whole evolution of DocumentationAPI in these past 4 months. There are many things which I achieved:

  1. Earlier DocumentationAPI was not being in use by any bear. DocStyleBear was in Work-In-Progress mode, from past 1 year. So I took over that PR and with some quirks I was able to merge it in time.
  2. DocumentationAPI still wasn’t stable. It longed for an stable design. Which DocBaseClass fulfilled it. DocBaseClass have 3 static methods:
    1. extract - Used for extracting documentation.
    2. process_documentation - Used to change the original instance of DocumentationComment according to the needed style.
    3. generate_diff - If desired instance of DocumentationComment is not obtained. Applies a diff.
  3. Later added 2 new features: automatic_padding and docstring_type which made it possible for the DocumentationAPI to actually check the docstring_type and amend blanklines before and after the docstring according to PEP-257.
    1. docstring_type of function should have paddings (top_padding=0, bottom_padding=0). Which means function level docstrings should never be followed by a line before or after.
    2. docstring_type of class should have paddings (top_padding=0, bottom_padding=1). Which means class level docstrings should be followed by a line below.
  4. Adding DocGrammarBear, which used to analyze and fix basic spellings and grammar inside the descriptions of DocComments.

Stretch Goal

  1. Adding an error handling mechanism to DocumentationAPI. MalformedComment which will be returned instead of DocumentationComment, if any part of DocumentationAPI(, DocstyleDefinition, and will be unable handle a docstring. This is important so that we can yield a RESULT with a beautiful message in the bear.

These were the biggest achievements which I consider the completion factor of this project. Hence, achieving the final/stretch goal as mentioned above.

What has been done till now?


e41d6b5 Diff cut-off fix
c79ec5a Improve assemble()
fa26911 DocumentationAPI: Support for :raises xyz:
6abf8a0 Add in-line comment
bac0c3e Pass indent
526af97 DocumentationComment: Add conditional for None
f3f613a Accept position
fa7bd17 DocumentationComment: Fix missing ending colon
d79e497 DocBaseClass: Add DocBaseClass
ffba831 Add blankline padding
cebe4f2 DocumentationAPI: Ignore triple quote strings
0f81583 DocumentationAPI: Add MalformedComment
070a19e DocumentationAPI: Add padding and type


7ad62fb Add allow_missing_func_desc
40de247 Amend position
314dfdf DocumentationStyleBear: Use DocBaseClass
40cd086 DocumentationStyleBear: Add expand_one_liners
112fa7d Add DocGrammarBear for docstrings
dccce31 DocStyleBear: Add MalformedComment support
89b5913 DocumentationStyleBear: Add blankline support

What’s up ahead?

There are still some quirks need to be done with DocStyleBear and DocGrammarBear.

  1. DocStyleBear is adding r if the docstring is a raw string. See here for info.
  2. DocGrammarBear doesn’t works with well if there are some acronyms.

Next is, if everything is sorted I will add DocStyleBear and DocGrammarBear into .coafile of coala. I really want that my work should be used somewhere(at least in coala and coala-bears repo).

How did I feel after completing my final milestone?

Well I felt awesome to get everything done in time. But now Im feeling jobless xD. I guess I will go on a review sprint and help my other GSoC coalians.

GSoC coalians.

Lastly, I wanna speak about my other GSoC collegues. They had also done a great job with their projects. You can read alot about us Also If any of this sounds interesting to you. How about joining us next?

That’s it folks!

Till next time see yaa!!

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